Sellers Advocacy is the Next Generation in Real Estate Selling assisting the Seller through the Sales process assuring them they are making decisions based on experience and inside knowledge. ​
This takes away enormous pressure from the Seller providing peace of mind as we work for you, not the Agent.


When Selling your Property......

- "No Time" to Ring and Interview Agents or Know Which Agent is Best to Choose to handle your Sale ?

- "Not Sure" of What Method of Sale or Marketing Schedule to use or How Much to Spend ?

- "Not Sure" of the current Market or What Price to Ask or when it's the Right Price to Sell ?

- "Not Sure" of what Questions to Ask the Agent or Don't Understand what the Agent is Saying to you ?

- "Not Sure" what Minor Works can ADD VALUE to your Sale Price ?

If this sounds like you and you want your own personal experienced advisor by your side when selling your property, you need SELLERS ADVOCACY.

SELLERS ADVOCACY assists you in the Sale of your biggest asset saving your valuable time and dramatically reducing the stress and headaches involved when selling.

We do all the hard work for you, selecting and interviewing Agents, negotiating commissions and marketing schedules, making recommendations to ADD VALUE to the Sale price and Project Manage the entire sale for you and any works you may choose at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU.

CALL US NOW to discuss how we "ADD VALUE" to your Sale by having your own Licensed Agent and Auctioneer 'In your Corner' and 'On your Side' all the way through your Sale.....
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