Introduction VIDEO
to Stand Up Paddling


There is an Ad for about 10 seconds then you will get a good idea how easy it is to get up and Stand Up Paddle...Anyone can do it !!


Golden Rules Of Stand Up Paddling


A  3 minute Video with more Techniques on Turning, Balance and advancing of Skills.


1. Plant your Blade fully in water before you pull, whilst keeing your arms straight not bent,  this apllies to every stroke you take for maximum power and contol balance  stabilizer

2. Assumer the ready position with your back strainght, knees bent as shock absorbers  and keeping your back straight which prevents back injury.


3. Use Core Mussles. Most beginner paddlers, use  only your arms you get tied quikly. Using Core , you muchhave larer power sirce than your arms so you can paddle longer

4.   Don' stand up straight, Stay low & keep your knee's bent. If you feel like you are going to fall , get down, not up.

Getting Started and Safety


This Video goes for about 10 minutes and is very valuable for techniques and safety.

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